Self-Guided Walking Tour of Taipei

Glamor of old Taipei: Dadaocheng Dihua Street


Start from Entrance of the old town, Taipei

Duration 75-80 min

Available offline


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About 🔎

Hi, I am Eva Chen, I am a local guide in Taipei. Follow me to explore Dadaocheng, the most well-preserved old town of Taipei. It was the essential hub of trade and exchange. Walking on Dihua Street, the main artery of the old town, you are giong to experience the glory of the past Taipei, also the mix of old and new. Red-brick historical buildings, and hundreds of old shops, such as herbal medicine, dried goods, fabrics, and pastries. Meanwhile, many lovely cafes, elegant tea houses, souvenir shops, and trendy restaurants. The tour will last about 1.5h~2h, not including breaks or visits that you can do on your own. Suggest to plan at least 3 hours for the tour. The best time to visit Dadaocheng is AM10:00-PM6:00, Wednesday to Friday.

Created by Eva

Highlights ✨

Entrance of the old town

Yong-le Market

Yao-de Herb

Painting: Festival on the South Street

Xia-hai City God Temple

Herbal medicine shops

Dried food shops

Kuo's Astral Bookshop


Kao-jian Bucket shop

Imbloom Fabric shop

Lee Cake

Heritage buildings: Rice milll shops in the past

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