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Start from Piazza Bra, Verona

Duration 180-185 min


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Hi, I am Letizia and I am a Veronese-doc. With this tour I would like to show you everything there is to see, from the Arena to Juliet’s Balcony. In addition, I will let you discover the secrets of Veronese cuisine, suggesting typical places to eat or drink good wine. It will take roughly 2 hours and a half, not including breaks or visits you might take. **What is Around?** Around is an online platform that lets you take an interactive walking tours without downloading any app. Each tour is created by a local expert who prepared an itinerary and audio content. An internet connection is required to ensure a smooth experience.

Created by Letizia

Highlights ✨

  • A photo of Piazza Bra

    Piazza Bra

  • A photo of Verona Arena

    Verona Arena

  • A photo of Piazza Erbe

    Piazza Erbe

  • A photo of Piazza dei Signori

    Piazza dei Signori

  • A photo of Scaliger Tombs (Arche Scaligere)

    Scaliger Tombs (Arche Scaligere)

  • A photo of Juliet's House & Balcony

    Juliet's House & Balcony

  • A photo of Porta Leoni

    Porta Leoni

  • A photo of Via Sottoriva

    Via Sottoriva

  • A photo of Stone Bridge (Ponte Pietra)

    Stone Bridge (Ponte Pietra)

  • A photo of Roman Theatre of Verona

    Roman Theatre of Verona

  • A photo of Castel San Pietro

    Castel San Pietro

  • A photo of Parco delle Colombare

    Parco delle Colombare

  • A photo of Duomo of Verona (Verona's Cathedral)

    Duomo of Verona (Verona's Cathedral)

  • A photo of Basilica of St. Anastasia

    Basilica of St. Anastasia

  • A photo of Porta Borsari

    Porta Borsari

  • A photo of Corso Cavour

    Corso Cavour

  • A photo of Castelvecchio


  • A photo of Piazza San Zeno & Basilica

    Piazza San Zeno & Basilica

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