Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seoul

Gangnam Style tour


Start from Goto shopping mall (Seoul Express Bus Terminal Station Gate No. 8-2), Seoul

Duration 195-200 min

Available offline


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About 🔎

Hi everyone. I'm tour guide Jake, nice to meet you. With this tour, we are going to Gangnam area. Before we start the tour, you should know about what Gangnam is. In Seoul, there is the Hangang River it runs through the middle of Seoul. So, automatically, Seoul is divided into North and South parts. The north part, we call it, Gangbuk, and the South part, we call, Gangnam. Gangnam area is more expensive, modernized, and richer than the northern part of Seoul. You can enjoy shopping and the highest observatory in South Korea, Lotte Tower. Please note that for this audio tour, I suggest taking the metro, as it's faster, so you will need to buy a ticket or a rechargeable Korea tour card. Let's have a tour.

Created by Jake

Highlights ✨

Goto shopping mall (Seoul Express Bus Terminal Station Gate No. 8-2)

Back to the metro station (get on LIne No.9)

Shinnonhyeon Station (Gate No.5-get out)

Look around Gangnam area

Gangman Station (get on Line No.2)

Go to Samseong station (get off and go to gate No.6)

Coex mall shopping and Star Library

Back to Samseong station (get on Line No.2)

Jamsil station (get off and go to gate No.1)

Lotte world tower and shopping (End)

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