Self-Guided Walking Tour of New York

Midtown Manhattan Highlights: Architecture and History


Start from The Plaza where “Nothing unimportant ever happens.” , New York

Duration 100-105 min

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Hello and welcome! My name is Iren, and I'll be your guide on this tour of Midtown Manhattan. Join me for a walk along Fifth Ave – the name associated with wealth, glitz, and glamour. Fifth Avenue is one of the best-known streets in the world, especially the stretch known as Millionaire Row. Once upon a time, it was lined with the finest homes of New York's wealthiest people. We will see some of New York's most famous sites, such as the Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, and Chrysler Building, as well as lesser-known but fabulous spots. This tour is not just about the landmarks; it's about the history of New York City and the fascinating stories behind the facades. The tour is about 2 hours, but it might take longer if you decide to visit inside the buildings. I'll be making suggestions for visits during the tour.

Created by Iren

Highlights ✨

The Plaza where “Nothing unimportant ever happens.”

The St. Regis or What do Bloody Mary, Dalí and Marilyn Monroe have in common?

St. Thomas — Medieval Church on 5th Avenue

Cartier Building—A Pearl of Fifth Avenue

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – One Spectacular Folly!

Rockefeller Center – a City Within a City

#30 Rock - Golden Prometheus and Christmas Tree

Fred F. French Building – “Mesopotamian” in Manhattan

Chrysler Building - the Spectacular Glory of Art Deco

Grand Central Terminal—a Beaux-Arts Masterpiece

New York Public Library — Lions, Books, and Philanthropy

Empire State Building – the Eighth Wonder of the World saved by a Hollywood movie

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