Self-Guided Walking Tour of Girona

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Start from Introduction to Girona, Girona

Duration 85-90 min

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Hello everyone! I am Laura, a licensed tour guide from Girona and I will be your guide on this tour. Famous for its Medieval quarter, its gastronomy and museums, Girona has the charm of a small capital but with all the good things of a big city. Together we will discover the splendid architectural legacy of Girona and its history, and why water and stone were the two decisive elements in the city for its foundation.

Created by Laura

Highlights ✨

Introduction to Girona

Plaça Independència

The Houses hanging over the Onyar river

El Cul de la Lleona

The Basilica of Saint Fèlix

The Legend of the Flies

The Via Augusta

The Monastery of Saint Pere of Galligants

The Arab Baths

The Gate to the Roman city

The Cathedral

The Jewish Quarter

The Rambla

The Eiffel Bridge

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